Smart people have grown their companies through word of mouth for generations. Meet&Mine adds the power of social media, SEO, mobile and digital marketing into a simple online platform.

How it works
Meet your group

Meet up with business people you know and invite or connect with others. You can do this in person or online, the most important thing is communication.

Share Qualified Leads

Convert leads into new business relationships from trusted members of your group and their network. Meet&Mine will track your success and share it with your group.

Promote your Group

We'll create and promote your group homepage. It shows you're part of a trusted business network that provides excellent service and fosters likeminded relationships.

Enjoy the Game

Enjoy some friendly competition within your business network and climb the leaderboard. Reward the best referrers with incentives built right into Meet&Mine.

Socialise your Success

There are options to automatically share your success across open social networks too, building trust and growing leads for your network organically.

Build your Business

Meet like minded people, discover new businesses opportunities, expand your group on the Meet&Mine Network today.

Add Your Power Networking Group

Add your networking group and join the morden networking movement. FREE for all members the first month, than just $7 per month thereafter.
Claim your location and domain name, then start referring like a champion.

(then just $7 per month)